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Tech4Farmers Challenge 1.0 Innovative Solutions



Smart Fish Feeder - eFishery

eFishery is a technology that combines automatic feeding with sensors and algorithms that sense fish’s appetite, and adjust the amount of feed to improve efficiency. It can reduce up to 21% of the feeding cost, boost profit, and be managed remotely through an app. Based in Bandung, Indonesia, eFishery’s award will support expansion into Bangladesh through distribution agreements with Bangladeshi companies. eFishery is developing affordable, cutting edge technology to support small-scale fish and shrimp farmers modernize and integrate into competitive markets.


Pest Exclusion Nets

Pest-Exclusion Nets is a cost-effective method which protects vegetables against pests and associated diseases. Not only is it easy to use, it helps smallholder farmers reduce their reliance on pesticides that impact environmental and human health.


DryChain concept - Rhino Research 

The Dry-Chain concept helps farmers dry and store seeds and commodities in an easy, efficient and cost-effective way. Once the products are sufficiently dried, farmers can store them for self-consumption or for sale during low season when prices are higher.

Rhino Research's DryStore Technologies are a great alternative to sun drying, which is the most common method that farmers use to dry their commodities before storing them. With the traditional method, drying is sometimes impossible on rainy or even cloudy days. This leaves insufficiently dried products that, when store, will easily be attacked by insects and fungi.

spirulina-production-Thailand 1

Innovative Microalgae closed production system - EnerGaia 

By developing a proprietary, scalable algae production bioreactor design, EnerGaia has created a system that maximizes production with minimal resources, reduces potential for contamination, and allows the production of spirulina virtually anywhere. While already found on many rooftops in Bangkok, Thailand, EnerGaia’s innovative system will use its award to develop smallholder production models that will generate income for women in coastal communities in Bangladesh. 



Solar-Powered Water Pump - SunFarmer

SunFarmer provides all-inclusive solar water pump systems, powered by the free energy of the sun. With our product, farmers eliminate diesel use, increase area under cultivation, and increase their incomes.

Source trace

eServices Everywhere - STI Solutions, LLC

SourceTrace eServices Everywhere (ESE™) Aqua solutions allow capturing of all the critical information at the field level throughout the Aquaculture value chain: hatcheries, fish ponds, processing plants and beyond.  ESE™ Aqua solutions enable traceability of the value chain, aid in certification, benefit the top level management and offer new market knowledge and treat the farmers fairly and equitably.

Grameen Intel digital soil testing kit-001

Digital Soil Testing Kit -
Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd.

A chemical reagent based soil testing device where one can check the soil nutrition condition on the screen. It can generate fertilization recommendation fertilizer and pesticide recommendation as well.


Verifik8 – FairAgora

Verifik8 is a software platform collecting and analyzing data to verify social & environmental performances of seafood supply chain operators. It improves transparency and reduce risks while enhancing smallholder farmers access to affordable yet credible compliance mechanisms.

AKVO pic

Akvo Caddisfly – Akvo

A low cost, open source, smartphone-based soil parameter testing system. 

Users can frequently and conveniently utilize the Akvo’s Caddisfly app and soil testing strips to monitor soil parameters such as pH and N. This will enable smallholders to optimize the usage of fertilizers and supplements ensuring lower input costs and better harvests. This will positively affect the market in general.

Non-chlorinized ice

Non-chlorine sanitized ice  - Biswas Bio-Products Limited

The calcinated calcium, is a cheap, eco-friendly, non-chlorine sanitizer and can be used to produce ice, which would revolutionize fish preservation and shelf life extension. The technology targets fish quality, post-harvest losses issues and income generation of smallholder farmers in fish sectors. By using sanitized ice smallholder fish farmers will increase their market share, and income from their products as a result of reduced postharvest loss and fewer export rejections.

Asian Innovative Solutions

A-Card Model

A-card: Smallholders' Access to Finance through Bank - Dhaka Ahsania Mission

The A-Card initiative aims to help foster farmer demand-driven agricultural extension by improving access to financing and increased market opportunities.

18-Fish Catalogue

E-traceability - Digital Express

With e-traceability, users will be able to track and trace a product unit or batch through all stages of production, processing, and distribution.


Kiu Pay - Kiu Inc

Kiu Pay is part of a larger platform that includes a crossborder marketplace shipping and ERP system that provides financing for SMEs in agriculture and other sectors.


Eli Rice Seeder - BB2C

The Eli Rice Seeder is a high efficiency low cost solution over traditional planting methods eliminating manual labor by 40 man-day/hectare while improving crop yields by as much as 2 tonnes/hectare (40% improvement).

Agribuddy 1


With AGRIBUDDY, farmers will have the know-how, markets and capital they need to be successful and feed the world, while earning a better living.


Green Growth - Story Cycle

Green Growth is an online platform that assists Nepalese smallholder farmers in selling their organic products
to residents of Kathmandu.


High Quality and High Yielding Seeds - ACI Limited

ACI seeds were developed to ensure sustainable foundation of agriculture and food security of the country and the world. ACI seeds hybrid varieties give 40%-50% higher yield than local open pollinated varieties. High Yielding Varieties also give 20%-25% higher yield than local varieties. These varieties are produced through closely supervised contract farming system in 10 regional production zones.

aQysta - Barsha Pump2

Barsha Pump - aQysta

The Barsha pump utilizes the energy from the flow of rivers and canals to pump water without requiring any fuel or electricity to be operated. Thus, it does not involve any operating expenses nor does it emit any polluting greenhouse gases.
The pump can be a catalyst for women and youth farmers with aspirations of commercial farming and helps farmers adapt to the effects of climate change, such as irregular rainfall patterns.


Voice Technology -

Awaaz.De’s voice technology serves as a platform that provides agricultural extension service for smallholder farmers. It gathers data on land size, the number of crops grown, and selling price through a simple touch tone input or voice response in local language. It also sends real time agriculture information to help farmers improve agricultural output and market access.

Farmer Query System

Farmer Query System - 
Dhaka Ahsania Mission

Farmer Query System is a mobile based tool for farmers to submit a query to agro experts and receive experts’ feedback. Farmer Query System enables local service providers, farmer leaders or agriculture extension agents to capture a farmer’s problem using a mobile application and directly send it to a remote expert for immediate feedback. The expert looks at the problem on a dashboard and responds through either a phone call, SMS or voice message. 

faruq fertilizers

“Promotion of Customized Agriculture through IPNS farming” Project - Faruq Fertilizers

Under this project, Faruq Fertilizers Ltd. shall motivate farmers to use “ChookChook” brand nutrient enriched organic fertilizers through group meetings, field days, demo plots etc. and local NGO partners shall provide short-term agricultural loan to farmers to purchase ChookChook fertilizers. This loan will ensure use of nutrient enriched organic fertilizers that in turn will increase soil fertility and farmers’ income.


Smallholder kit for nutritious vegetable production - IGATT

IGATT has developed an affordable nutritional kitchen garden and smallholder kit for nutritious vegetable production under which water is used as efficiently and pest is reduced for vegetable production. This technology is very supportive for women enterprise development under cooperative farm to market strategy.

gray bg

Modular Grain Storage System - Manoj Gilda

The Modular grain storage system for warehouses is a disruptive technology which will totally change the way grain is being stored giving a better shelf life for commodities and reducing storage losses.


Briquettes - Shubha Biomass

Instead of burning agro-based raw materials such as corn cobs, wheat stalks, mustard stalks, dried leaves from forest(creating more pollution) or being source for forest fire, these can be collected and then be used as raw material for briquettes. Thus, our plan is to use these agro-based raw materials to produce energy and give farmers some income to invest in their farming. 


Small Scale Fish Hatchery in Mountainous Areas - MDI Nepal

MDI project activities promote fish farming in hills and mountains giving benefits to youths by adding additional income and helping them build resilience to climate change.


Smart Krishi App - Smart Krishi Nepal 

The SmartKrishi application provides farmers with the latest information such as price, agro training events and success/failure stories of farming etc. It syncs automatically with the SmartKrishi database and allows users to view the content offline. This eliminates the need for internet connection at all times in technologically challenged areas.

gray bg

Portable Ponds - World Fish

WorldFish has designed a portable small pond which can hold fish and at the same time provide water for horticultural crops surrounding this pond. Trials began in 2014 when these WISH (water and fish) were distributed to rural and semi-urban poor households and tested for integrated aquaculture and horticulture. Results were encouraging: fish and vegetables have been produced for household consumption at the same time, HH resilience against medium scale flooding and salinity intrusion has been enhanced.


S-MART APP - Wesleyan University Philippines

S-MART (Smart Market Assistance and Product Trading), is a web and mobile application that disrupts the traditional way of trading agricultural products. It forecasts agricultural product prices through a predictive algorithm. S-MART helps farmers find the best market to sell their products at a maximum profit, calculates the distance to travel and transportation cost to deliver their goods. It also gives them the ability to sell their products directly to the consumer without the intervention of the middlemen or even cut the conventional distribution channel.


Lacto Bacillus serum - Indochina Agriculture Processing, Ltd.

Lacto Bacillus (LAB) serum can be used in sewage ponds as an aquaculture water remediation and probiotic.


Low-cost high-yield straw and oyster mushroom farming - Cambodia Mushroom Farm (CMF)

Low-cost house with efficient and effective temperature control enabling high production yield using the quality straw and oyster mushroom spawn developed locally by CMF with technical assistance and market access.


Agriculture Drone Management System - Techtobot Co., Ltd.

A platform that combines agriculture drones with farmer practices by training and providing services for cost reduction to gain better productivity yields, and to become new sources of incomes for farmers.


Biochar for soil improvement - Nepal Environmental Research Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Biochar is charred carbon-enriched material intended to be used to enhance the soil quality. It helps reduce cost on fertilizers and water thereby increasing crop productivity.

WinMiaki updated

Digital Agro-met Advisory Services (DaaS) for Farmers - WinMiaki Ltd.

DaaS is an interactive audio-visual application. It provides agricultural pest’s/disease’s control and prevention info based on weather. Illiterate farmers can help themselves and have advisory service on-demand.

Detect Disease By Image - JPEG

Disease Identification and Prevention Expert System(DIPES) - Robust IT Concepts Pvt. Ltd

Disease Identification and Prevention Expert System(DIPES) is a user friendly, robot assistant designed to provide 24/7 support to the farmers by answering the specific disease related queries to the farmers.


Eco-Wash for fresh fruits and vegetables - CARS, University of Dhaka

Eco-powder produced from waste shell aggregates; which is proved to be killing many kinds of bacteria, virus, yeast & mold; and thus safe, and eco-friendly for washing fruits and vegetables.


High voltage pulsed electric field - Royal University of Agriculture, Faculty of Agro-industry

High voltage pulsed electric field is pretreatment that can improve self-life and freshness retention of fresh vegetable. Texture, color, nutritional value can be delayed deterioration through inactivation enzymes.



Horticulture crops Seedlings - Surya Agrotech Cambodia Co., Ltd

Seeds are most important in any horticulture crops. To supply ready seedling to farmers is innovative.

ICT in Ag

ICT in Agriculture - Enigma Consulting Solutions

This technology provides agro information with IT innovations to localize and expand agro-based information among farmers, value chain actors and stakeholders for increased agricultural productivity, and ensure profitable market.

ImEx app

ImEx Application - The Liger Learning Center

ImEx is an application that links farmers and customers. It helps farmers find markets for their product and helps customer to find a good quality product.


syngenta foundation

Innovative mechanization services for potato growers - Syngenta Foundation

Develop commercially viable mechanization service package for potato farmers which is low-cost, helps in improving timeliness and efficiency in farming. Package includes 2W-tractor driven potato planter, sprayer, harvester and grader.

innovative urine

Innovative Urine Application in farming - Environment and Development Organization (ENDO)

Use of human urine as fertilizer in vegetable farming in rural areas as a replacement for chemical fertilizer which leads to higher production rate and lower operation costs.

Mango - Metal

Mango Hot Water Treatment Plant - The Metal (Pvt.) Ltd.

By using this technology, farmers can avoid to use chemical products or formalin to preserve mangos at least for 2 weeks which is sufficient to deliver the produce to consumers. Moreover it is a cost effective technology and smallholder farmers could earn more profits than using chemical products or formalin in mangoes.

Chitosan and Calcinated Calcium 1

Organic Sanitizer, Organic Pesticide Remover - Royal University of Agriculture

Using Chitosan and Calcinated Calcium as Organic Microbial Sanitizer and Pesticide Remover, and as Coating Agent for Prolonging Shelf-life for Fresh Produces.


Post-harvest agro-food preservation - SABAH Nepal

Post-harvest agro-food preservation focuses on transferring fresh agro-food preservation skills and techniques to local farmers.

Promoting Ecological Agriculture in Costal Area - IIRR

Promoting Ecological Agriculture in Costal Area - IIRR, Aliments and Fresh365 Company

The overall objective is to improve incomes for smallholders through enhancing the roles of small farmers in promoting effective agroecological and market oriented agriculture enterprises.


ProVegie - Science for Society

ProVegie is the advanced packaging machine to store tomatoes without cold storage for 4 weeks, keeping its nutrients, texture and flavor retained. ProVegie can be adopted to other horticultural crops.

Tricho derma landscape

Tricho-compost - Nabolok

The applications of Tricho-compost were highly effective in improving seed germination rates, promoting plant growth, reduced seedling mortalities and disease incidence. Tricho-compost has the power to reserve water for the plant. As a result extra water for the plant is not needed. Harmful bacteria’s found in the soil have been banished by the Tricho compost. These facts increase the production of the plant and farmers get more benefit.

Screen Shot 2559-12-05 at 9.36.31 PM

Self-powered rice mill with biomass technology - Chainat Green Agriculture Community Enterprise

The self-powered rice mill is electrified from burning waste and rice husk. It uses the generated heat to dry humidified rice from mechanical harvesters. The machine would bring self-sustained energy to power itself, while the leftover energy can be sold to the energy public sectors as alternative sources of income.

Ram Pump

Ram Pump - Agriculture Technology Center (ATC)

The Ram Pump adapts the concept of free energy by harnessing the energy of gravity and lifting the water to the agricultural land.


Urban Olericulture - Aquaponics Nepal

Vertically arranged small units of hydroponics for urban setting where agricultural land is limited. This soilless system uses compost tea as medium from vermi-compost with principles of social marketing.

rainwater harvesting - Green Design Consultants

Rainwater Harvesting in the Plastic Pond - Green Design Consultant(s) Pvt. Ltd.

This technology stores rainwater during the monsoon season in the plastic ponds and use it during the dry seasons to irrigate the kitchen garden and animal husbandry.


Food Processing Unit - Surya Agrotech Cambodia Co Ltd

The irradiation food processing plant help local farmers keep their produce fresh longer. The technology uses controlled application of energy from ionizing radiations such as gamma rays, electrons and X-rays for food preservation.

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